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Do you feel that that life shouldn’t be this tough, are you overwhelmed by burdens you can’t tolerate anymore. Working with a therapist is different from talking with a friend. In therapy, the focus is entirely on you. Psychotherapy provides a safe, empathic, and non-judgmental space to work through your issues. A qualified professional psychotherapist will have an impartial view of your story and will aim to guide you to a better place.

For over two decades, I’ve provided therapy services to people from all backgrounds with varying needs. Since 2014, my passion and privilege in life; has been to exclusively and effectively help people through psychotherapy and counselling. I’ve enjoyed the many challenges presented as well as the breakthroughs.

Asking for help can be frightening, and it can take courage. Once you’ve taken that first step, however, your journey to better mental health, personal growth, and wellbeing will have started.